It's time to return to the community development finance movement.

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The world looks different than it did a couple years ago, and the roles of community development practitioners across the country do, too.

Given the resurfaced urgency around critical socioeconomic issues, how can remembering our roots – and our purpose – propel us into the future?

Historically, our annual impact report has been a reflective piece — a way to share where we’ve been.

This year, we also want to share where we're going.

Throughout this site – a fresh look to match the fresh approach to sharing our impact – you’ll read about the evolution of community development finance, the impact of some of our most forward-thinking partners, and VCC Social Enterprises’ (VCCSE)* dedication to sustaining the movement.

We encourage you to explore – and visit us again as we continue to share stories of impact from Virginia Community Capital and LOCUS Impact Investing. For progress and advancement to continue – for this to be more than a moment – it will take all of us working to do more, together.

* VCC Social Enterprises is the newly-formed parent organization for Virginia Community Capital, VCC Bank, and LOCUS Impact Investing.

Ignite Change

The Roots of the CDFI Movement

Community development financial institutions (CDFIs) were formally introduced in 1994, but our purpose has much deeper roots.

The ideals and expertise that drive the work of CDFIs have remained intact throughout the evolution of our industry, yet the issues we seek to address persist. The global pandemic cast new light on the roots of systemic disparity and racial inequity, steeped in long-standing policy and social practices that challenge progress.

As we move forward, we’re harnessing lessons learned from this tumultuous period in our nation’s history together with the spirit of collaborative innovation to tie our values to refreshed goals and propel momentum towards a more resilient, inclusive economy.

Spark Change With Us
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Shift Outcomes

Advancing Together

We’re more than a lender, and our clients are more than borrowers. 

In the community development finance space, impact is traditionally measured by jobs created and housing units developed, but we want to go a step further.

We don’t just want to fund outputs; we want to create holistic, positive change. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished alongside our incredible partners – nonprofits, foundations, local governments, and so many others – but we need to fully understand our impact. We want to examine the ripple effect of the capital and resources we’re directing to communities, and we strive to align everything we do with the aspirations of those we serve.

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Keep Moving

Sustainability is Key

Throughout history, impactful movements have had one thing in common: perseverance.

The recent changes we’ve made to how we lend capital, receive and deploy grants, and invest assets in response to persistent, amplified challenges may not have been comfortable, but they were necessary.

We simply cannot allow ourselves to fall back into our comfort zones in anticipation of ‘normalcy.’ We have some ideas of how we keep this reimagination in motion, but as always, it takes partners.

Join the Movement
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Let’s do more, together.

There are many ways to partner with VCC Social Enterprises on the road toward equity. Are you our next visionary collaborator?  

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