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To keep moving forward, we can't just be reflective. We must be visionary. If we limit ourselves to current state, we’re not really discussing impact in its truest form.

What are the outcomes of this community development work? Not just the number of loans closed, housing units developed, or jobs created; what’s the ripple effect of that immediate output?

VCC’s President and CEO, Amir Kirkwood, looks to the future of our work:


Measuring Impact

We previously discussed the social determinants of health and how each of those elements intersect. Safe, affordable housing isn’t just shelter; it means more money to spend on healthy food, reliable transportation, and medical expenses. A stable job isn’t just a paycheck; it can lead to improved physical and mental health through healthcare, benefits, and building community. In order to achieve positive, holistic community change, all factors of SDOH need to be acknowledged and addressed.

At VCC Social Enterprises, we’re redefining what impact means to us. We’re not there yet, and our definition and impact goals will change as our communities change.

What we do know, however, is that we’re going to go deeper and work harder to evaluate the holistic effectiveness of our work. We will partner with likeminded practitioners and communities themselves. We have to be dynamic and bold as we develop new products and programs. We must enhance our skills and approach to meet new challenges. Partnership, innovation, expertise — but at a higher level.

What would the world look like in ten years if the community development movement was sustained? Whose voices need to be heard and elevated? How do we ensure that our work is advancing the visions and aspirations our neighbors have for their communities? And perhaps most importantly, why are we here, doing this work together?

We at VCCSE are striving to answer these questions so we can keep moving.

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What We've Heard

What does impact mean to you?

Impact should be community-driven. Products, services, and resources that seek to drive positive impact should be informed by the aspirations and contributions of the communities impacted. When communities realize the visions they have for themselves, that is impact in its truest form.

Valerie Lee, Director of Marketing & Communications, VCC Social Enterprises

Impact means eliminating barriers to access to capital for small BIPOC and/or women owned businesses. In addition to creating resources for underserved communities to enable them to identify a pathway to build sustainable generational wealth.

Chandra Hurst, Economic Equity Loan Officer, VCC Bank

Impact is a process that almost always leads to change, but we control whether that change is positive or negative. Positive social and environmental impact is our collective goal at VCCSE. Our technical assistance, business workshops, special credit programs, etc. are the steppingstones towards that collective goal.

Libba McKinsey, Director of Impact, VCC Social Enterprises

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At VCCSE, we’re redefining impact, and we want your help. You know your community best – its strengths, history, and needs. So we have a question: What does impact mean to you?

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Learning Exchange

More Than a Moment

In addition to introducing our new impact site, we’ve relaunched our Learning Exchange platform!

This year’s event series carries the same title as this new site, More Than a Moment. If you couldn’t join in person, you can watch videos from our events, including our capstone event in December. Explore how various stakeholders — financial institutions, philanthropies, impact investors, and others — have reimagined their work in response to the community development movement.

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There are many ways to partner with VCC Social Enterprises on the road toward equity. Are you our next visionary collaborator?  

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